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carding forums carding forums
carding forums

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Upgrade to Carder / V.I.P   ...

The Carder / V.I.P  members have many benefits including :

Quote:1] Access to All VIP Sections, Full access to Carding Center.
     2] Custom color and permissions !
     3] You can view any forum, no posting limits !
     4] You will have TRUSTED rank and others users will trust you
     5] All users will see your nickname on Forum Team  
- Custom User Rank
- Custom Permissions
- User Rank Color
- View Time & Date of Posts/Threads
- Unlock all Threads/Sections pages and replies
- Access to Top Secret Hidden VIP Vault
- Access to Freebies, Combo Lists, Netflix, Spotify, etc. accounts posted daily
- Free Escrow Services (Non VIP accounts incurr a 5% charge)
- No Posting Limits
- Free spamming / advertising in sections
- Private Message Inbox Space upgraded from 50 to 1,000 Private Messages
- Able to delete / edit own threads and replies
- Can give/view + Positive / - Negative Reputation to any member
- Can change own username as many times
- Can upload / change User Avatar
- Automatic 5% Lifetime discount on ALL Verified Marketplace sales (You don't pay 5% escrow fee)

* V.I.P = 95$ (unlimited) Access here:
* Carder = 150$  (unlimited) Access here: and here:

[Method ]: Bitcoin Payment:

Deposit to your wallet account then send me PM
100% Money back in 48 hours if you change your mind !

For any deals, we suggest you to use escrow. The fee is 5$ only indifferent of amount transacted. If any problems with our sellers, I will give you the money back and the seller will be banned!
[Image: SKTqgDP.png]
Paid adv. expire in 31 days
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